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Creativity and abstract thinking are key to integral development. We educate students on the value of creation, beauty and sensitivity.

We value artistic disciplines such as music, art, drawing, theatre and dance. Our approach to extracurricular activities in the artistic field allows our students to go beyond academics.

I draw a color palette and a brush


  • All our nursery, primary, compulsory secondary and baccalaureate students participate in both music and artistic expression sessions in classrooms and specialized spaces.
  • Music rooms, art creation rooms, spaces for dance, stage theatre, recording studio, etc...
  • Beauty is a criterion in all our educational spaces and in our communication strategies for taking care of our corporate image.
  • Our educational spaces, due to their versatility and flexibility, allow our students to configure them aesthetically in different ways.
Group of children in a room looking at a neon
Arm of a children picking up sand and colored chalk from an egg carton
We teach students to understand and enjoy Art, discover their own gaze, create and find themselves in the world through artistic expression.

Experience beauty and encourage its creation.