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The cultivation of interiority and spirituality constitute a core element in the process of personal fulfilment. We want to educate and foster this dimension in our students in the light of the Christian experience.

We educate the men and women of this century, so they can experience openness to transcendence and encounter Jesus of Nazareth.

In addition to the general approach to faith and interiority, we can propose voluntary itineraries for faith experiences for all interested students, educators and families.

Drawing of a flying dove


  • The education of interiority is one of the educational objectives for all our students.
  • We have specific oratories for infant education, primary education, youths and adults as well as a large chapel dedicated to Mary, the mother of Jesus, for celebrations within the educational community.
  • Each classroom in our building includes a representation of a passage from the Bible. In this way, we integrate the faith experience into the students' day-to-day lives.
  • We have a Church where we celebrate Masses and faith group meetings to foster our relationship with God.
Two parents dressed as Joseph and Mary with a baby in their arms
Group of students on the beach with the baby figure of Jesus in a carrycot
We work on the spiritual dimension inherent in every human being, guiding our students on their path of personal and integral growth.

The spiritual dimension on the path of integral growth.