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At Aldapeta, the students' comprehensive education extends beyond the academic field.

Several children lying down doing crafts

We offer a wide range of activities that complement the training received in different areas, aligned with our educational approach.

The students' comprehensive training can be greatly reinforced with activities that help them discover and develop their own strengths, starting from a mainly playful approach and without the pressure of evaluation.

This allows us to delve into some educational dimensions, create meaningful bonds between the school and the students and facilitate family conciliation.

Following the line on extracurricular activities that began in the academic year of 17/18, we continue to allocate the non-school time of noon to more recreational activities, whilst allocating the non-school time of the afternoon to more academic activities.

Boy playing with a robot mask


Our approach to extracurricular activities is grouped into three large blocks:

  • Artistic activities that promote the creative development of our students (music, theatre, dance, etc.).
  • Sports activities, continuing one of our school's strongest traditions.
  • Language activities and intellectual development.

Regarding sports activities, the Marianist educational approach perceives the practice of sport as a valuable channel for both physical and social development. At Aldapeta Maria ikastetxea, we try to encourage active student participation in sports activities, motivating them to enjoy their practice and internalize values such as teamwork, health care, responsibility, etc.


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