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The school has a nursing service during school hours staffed by a highly experienced university graduate in nursing and by the reception staff (in Lestonnac).

The nurse will travel to the Lestonnac building to attend students whenever there is an accident or situation that requires this service. Other minor accidents/incidents will be handled by the personnel at reception.


  • Attend to students in school accidents during school hours and to be able to monitor them in case they need to be referred to a hospital.
  • Carry out first aid for possible illnesses that begin at school.
  • Provide the care and attention needed by students with chronic health problems (diabetes, heart disease, epilepsy, allergies...).
  • Administer the medications that necessarily coincide with school hours (usual, punctual or emergency treatments). For this, a photocopy of the medical report, treatment sheet or prescription in addition to a consent form signed by the parents or legal guardians will be required. It is essential to notify the Secretary (Lestonnac) or the nurse if treatment is required.
  • Develop a health education program for different educational levels (hand hygiene, dental hygiene, healthy eating, first aid, etc.).
  • Coordinate and work on the physical activity and health plan to continue being recognized as a school committed to health and sports.

Contact Us

For effective control and monitoring of students it is necessary to complete this health record and keep it updated, and in case of changes, please notify the nurse. To contact her, you can email or by calling the Chaminade building +34 943 461 055.

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