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A continuation of their personal evolution, both in values and capabilities.

group of children cooking

The stage of learning and talent

Throughout this stage, the boys and girls continue to develop their capacities, both emotional and intellectual.

We believe that Primary Education (PE) is a key moment to join the group and achieve the main objectives of our project, the progressive and comprehensive education of the person in all its aspects.

The longest stage of school life must take place in a space designed for children's learning which offers a close and trusting environment, preparing for students to partake in society.

A space in which to evolve as a person, internalizing the traditions and values that identify us as people connected in the globalized world.

Two children reading at break time


We guide each student to achieve the necessary skills to be masters of both their personal and professional projects.

We develop communication skills, with the aim of achieving good reading skills and the ability to speak three languages at the end of this stage. We educate students in values and tradition, whilst simultaneously educating them to partake in the digital world in an intelligent way, using the 1×1 methodology in an ethical manner to cater to the needs of today's society. The Educational Plan centres on continuous improvement to achieve the highest quality in teaching.

Teaching team

Our educational labour is not only about teaching, but also about learning. We want to be an academic reference renowned for educational quality and the great results of our students.

Our teaching team includes 41 teachers and 3 pedagogical coordinators. We also have an orientation department and a Youth Ministry team.

Group of male and female teachers posing

Structure and Facilities

First Cycle:

  • 5 classrooms for 1st PE.
  • 5 classrooms for 2nd PE.

Second Cycle:

  • 5 classrooms for 3rd PE.
  • 5 classrooms for 4th PE.

Third Cycle:

  • 5 classrooms for 5th PE.
  • 5 classrooms for 6th PE

We want to promote a climate of coexistence that favours learning and personal development of the children. We have new spaces and facilities designed and adapted to the needs of this educational stage.

Children at break time


During the six years of Primary Education, we work towards educating communicatively competent, critical students who can relate to others and to themselves in a healthy way. We want them to use language as a tool to learn and advance in all other areas of knowledge, to understand and accept differences and to grasp the nuances of each language.

They will finish this stage with a good level of Basque, Spanish and English. We have itineraries adapted to linguistic models B and D.


  • Chapel
  • 2 music classrooms
  • Plastic classroom
  • Psychomotor classroom
  • Library
  • Radio and television studio
  • Kitchen
  • Greenhouse
  • Sports centre
  • Gym


Timetable and calendar

Split day schedule from 8:50 a.m. to 12:20 p.m. and from 2:15 p.m. to 4:15 p.m.

Haur-txoko de 7:30h a 8:50h.


From 1st to 4th grade, textbooks will be used.

From 5th grade, a digital device is used.