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Their best years, here

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Experiencing sports
Physical activity and sports are a key part of our development program.
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Gymnastics is my thing
Body development is as important as other disciplines.
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My thing is theatre
Artistic training acquires the same importance as other disciplines.

AN EDUCATIONAL APPROACH From 0 to 18 year olds

We encourage learning that goes beyond academics, focusing on the development of personality and the internalization of life's guiding values.

Group of girls sitting on the floor behind them a drums

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Our educational plan reflects our enthusiasm for teaching and continued learning.

We offer an educational community focused on a project which includes diversity and plurality. We are characterized by a family atmosphere and closeness to the students throughout all their educational stages.

One of the key backbones of this project is the inclusive teaching of Spanish, Basque and English languages. We have:

  • A school canteen with a quality nutritional project.
  • Extracurricular activities that complement the academic plan.
  • A team of experts to create an integrated language learning plan.
Group of children playing in the park with painted faces

Our educational approach

Ensuring the personal and social development of our students is the best way for them to achieve successful career development.

Our educational community centres around an educational project that covers all dimensions of the student from an integral perspective.

We aim to foster each student's diverse potential so that together we can contribute to constructing a better future.

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We develop all potential

Illustration person reading a book

The person as a whole

Illustration of a Mother and Her Child Holding Hands

We guide you on your path

Illustration of a person hugging a globe of the world

To build a better world