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The school offers its students and staff a canteen service with meals cooked in the same centre.


  • Own kitchen in the school facilities is where the school menu is cooked daily.
  • A balanced, varied and healthy diet.
  • Fresh and seasonal food, cooked on the grill, steam, oven, etc.
  • Promote good eating habits, autonomy and hygiene.
  • A space for coexistence in which appropriate and respectful relationships are fostered through the work of our canteen educators.
  • Spacious, bright, ample open-plan dining rooms. Sustainable management of the canteen.

Contact Us

Contact the canteen service through


The new updated menu and special diets are available to families on the Eduamos/Notices internal platform.

Check the example of monthly menu:

Workers of the dining room and announcement of the opening of the cafeteria

Idoia: kitchen assistant, Iñigo: kitchen assistant, Hernan: cook and Agus: Chef.