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We offer counselling and psycho-pedagogical support to the different members of our educational community.

Profesor sentados en una mesa con dos niños alumnos

The Department of Guidance and Attention to Diversity is one of the educational resources we offer, serving students, families, educators and the management team.

It is made up of psychologists, counsellors, pedagogical therapists, speech therapists and technical specialists in educational support for each stage.

Their work consists of:

  • Early detection of possible difficulties in the educational field.
  • Guidance for teachers and students in the teaching-learning process and the transition between different educational stages.
  • Guidance for families regarding queries concerning the parental role and their children's learning processes.
  • Attention to Diversity and Special Educational Needs
Chica sentada en el suelo de una biblioteca escuchando música con unos cascos


Areas of action

  • SEN: Special Education Needs.
  • ICA: Individual Curricular Adaptation.
  • SERP: Specific Educational Reinforcement Project (1st and 2nd ESO).
  • Reinforcement for students with difficulties.
  • Linguistic reinforcement (Basque exemptions).
  • Personalization of education, responding to individual needs.
  • Evaluation and analysis of individual situations and referral to external professionals if necessary.
  • Implementation of the Family School in collegial activities.
  • Promotion of initiatives for the development of educational programs and innovations

Teaching team