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We live in a global world through our experience of local culture.

We developed an integrated language project: Basque, Spanish and English, guaranteeing successful integration of our students into our world.

This approach is extended to the possibility of learning French or German from the age of twelve.


  • Separate libraries for kindergarten and primary education, with open spaces where reading skills in all three languages can be developed.
  • A general library for young adolescents and adults to develop reading skills and engage in various cultural activities.
  • A radio studio where internal and external communication skills can be enhanced.
  • A television studio to develop new languages for communication.
  • Generalised digitization allows for an increase in the possibilities of communication between all the learning protagonists.
Three children sitting on the floor reading books
Children's group in the library
Our work allows students to express what they feel and think, cultivate their affections, convey their ideas and communicate with those around them.

We want to help students to navigate the world through self-expression.