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The integration of all types of students and the appreciation of diversity as a resource are fundamental parts of our educational project, which is why the school has a system of scholarships and financial aid so that no child is left out of the centre or has to abandon their studies for financial reasons. The scholarships and financial aid at SUMMA include:

Large families

For families who have three or more children simultaneously enrolled in school, we have the following assistance:

  • Families with three children enrolled: 15% discount on operating aid for all of them.
  • Families with four or more children enrolled: 25% discount on operating aid for all of them.

Basque Government grants

From the Secretariat of the School, the grants and financial aid granted by the Basque Government are processed for all courses within the established deadlines (normally during the month of September or October).

Types of scholarships and financial aid: Fee (only for the 1st cycle of Early Childhood Education), school supplies, and canteen.

Families with financial difficulties

We have an internal system of scholarships and financial aid financed by the school itself and by an annual contribution from the SM Foundation.

During the month of September, the necessary forms and documentation can be requested from the administration to request these scholarships.

Subsequently, the scholarship committee will study each case and grant, if applicable, aid for that school year. The scholarship request must be renewed every term if the economic difficulty continues.

If the situation occurs during the term, scholarships may be requested, with the same procedure as in September.

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