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We integrate technology as a basic instrument in our educational model.

Technology is used for the interaction between all agents of the educational community and in teaching-learning processes.

We base scientific learning on experimentation.

Drawing of a test tube and an atom


  • We fully integrate all the areas of the educational community into the Educamos digital environment.
  • We integrate technology and the digital world into teaching-learning processes, especially from 5th grade using the 1×1 model. We have Touch Panels in each of the classrooms. We take advantage of the opportunities presented by the digital world for the successful development and autonomy of our students.
  • We have incorporated technology into our new educational spaces: accesses, lighting management, air conditioning, emission control, etc...
  • Scientific specialization begins in childhood and culminates in the technology rooms and the physics and chemistry laboratories in secondary and baccalaureate programs.
Students from the science and technology area, analyzing colored liquids with test tubes
The person in charge of the science and technology area together with students in the class
We teach science and technology so our students can become men and women who are conscious of themselves and the world around them and act responsibly within this reality.

We educate students to act responsibly within reality.