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Human beings are integral beings of nature. We educate our students to have empathy for and be attuned to nature, and also to care of the environment.

We want to make our students aware of the impact of our personal and social way of life on the natural environment to awaken a profound commitment to its protection.

Three mountains icon with a waving flag


  • Our educational spaces are designed with environmental sustainability in mind and are energetically sustainable through the use of geothermal facilities and natural energy resources.
  • Our canteen service is integrated into a broader nutritional education plan with a greenhouse for growing crops and a gastronomy classroom.
  • Our students actively participate in waste management and energy consumption reduction through an informative panel.
  • The Biology Department has a laboratory.
Group of students walking through the mountains
Group of children on the mountain with a wicker basket
Being part of the nature that surrounds us is both a gift and a responsibility; We promote individual and collective responsibility on a day-to-day basis, through our relationship with nature within the school itself.

A personal commitment to nature.