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In 2016, we decided to take an important step towards a new understanding of education. We set out to respond to new educational needs through different uses of architecture and space.

Throughout the changes, we preserved the traditional values that have identified us for more than 150 years. Thus, the result is a new leading educational centre, designed for the present and for the future, where our eight lines of educational development play a fundamental role in the daily life of the centre.

Three students in the library
Several children chatting
Children in motion ordering objects
Two students with their teacher in a workshop classroom
Group of children jumping in the playground
Group of children sitting on the floor in a school area
Boys and girls with dancing and with colored objects
Boys and girls in a classroom interacting with the screen
Three young men handling test tubes

Building the future

We designed more than 17,000 m² of spaces that act as an educational tool. We take the learning experience beyond the classroom, making the new spaces that promote the communication, learning and development that we seek to aspire in our students.

Thus, we implemented a long-term educational project, putting the necessary tools in the hands of each student, so they can develop and grow as a person in a more autonomous way.

Young couple watching from outside of building

Spaces full of life

The spaces where students live, work and learn are different. We avoid the use of walls and opt for visibility and flexibility for each of the educational stages, creating classrooms with open spaces where learning is an experience in which students are the protagonists.

The teachers act as guides and together they create places full of life, learning experiences and joint or independent work. We promote free movement and personalized attention.

Aerial photo of the recreation area
Several young people outside chatting
Group of young people outdoors chatting
Group of children playing soccer in the yard