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An educational approach based on values so that everyone, male and female, can construct their personal life project and commit to creating a fairer and more supportive society.

We want to make values based on personal dignity, equality of all human beings, and mutual care a reality in our school.

Drawing of hands holding a world


  • Diaphanous and transparent educational spaces to see and be seen.
  • Relationships are the basis of all educational processes. Public spaces are available for meeting, with flexible furniture to facilitate communication.
  • Student councils encourage participation in school life and the proactive management of coexistence.
  • Personal evaluation of each student in terms of tutoring.
Group of students with raised hands
Head of the area of ethics and coexistence with students with their eyes closed
The promotion of a relational culture based on the ethical principles of Christian humanism is key to achieving coexistence in any environment.

From a relational culture to harmonious coexistence.